L’Arche International invited 34 people with an intellectual disability from 34 countries on the 5 continents, to have their say about societal questions.

In a collection of prolific interviews, “Words of the World” has chosen to share 6 themes and 5 significant portraits with you.

However, the world map offers you an enlightened insight into the singularity of each person within their culture.

‘Words of the World’ invites you to see the world from their perspective. Our ambition is simple: to explore, with you, the mystery of human diversity.


Alberto Zacchia, Alina Domnicz, Amir Aziz, Anne Walsh,
Aramuda Nir Rangachar, Aurea Alonzo, Aurora Martinez Hernandez, Christa Schulze, Concilia Maxwella Chitatu, Cristiano Alexandre Pereira, Frances Kennedy, Gerson Armando Alvarenga Avila, Gintaras Karpavicius, Hilmi Mizher Josep Maria Prats, Kimberly Lageer, Kouka Rouamba, Laetitia Ortegat, Lisa Bryan, Maria Abbruzzese, Marie-Anne Jean, Mathias Houphouet Koffi, Musa Kirokote Njeri , Paul Mothersdale, Ruth De Lania Morales, Sandra Beatriz Fernandez, Sandra Van Paassen, Sohag Rahman, Stane Grandljic , Tadeo Sebunya, Tamzin Hine, Tetiana Mishchyk, Tiffany Vaccaro, Wafaa Andrawos, Yuko Unno



Agnieszka Mlynarczyk, Agnieszka Wilk, Aina Lauciute, Andrien Konan N’guessan Angeli Mejia Vazquez, Anna Filipowiak, Antony Mendonca, Brigita Vilar, Candice Wilson, Christopher Simon, Claire Lawler, Hitham Daoud, Ione Aparecida Xavier, Ivan Alexander Cobos Camacho, Kaori Masajima, Kizito Simeo Matovu , Lourdes Chaperon Saint Clair et Jocelyne Mercier , Maria Lucrecia Wicht, Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Ramos, Maria Linda Paulino, Mary Drouby , Mathenge Joseph Kimamo , Olha Sorochynska, Peggy Lyons, Peyton Koenig, Pierre Kubler, Prisca Mujeri, Rimon Ramzy Hakim, Roger Yaogo, Ronald Zwaan, Teresė Būgaitė, Toppo Dipok, Tuuliki Ruubas, Ursula Dworschak, Valérie Brousson


Cameras: Guillaume Destombes and Mickael McDonald

Editing: Vincent Couillard

Executive production: Frederic Denimal, Cascade Audiovisual

Project manager: Anne Chabert d’Hières

Technical and editorial advisor: Matthieu Gorisse-Mondoloni

Photographer: Benedite Topuz

Graphics: March Studio

Development: Clutch Creative / Projet 901

Computer Support: Farid Barka, PC Next

Translations: Anna McAuley, Marion Girault-Rime, Christine Lang, Joan Heaton, Pere Domènech Tubau, Maurice Muthiga, Alice Chatindo, Widad Bisher, Suzie d’Al Fulk, Koffi Gnagoran, Rosa Arteaga Raudales, Arno Thijs, Maria Lefort, Shannon Crowther.

Logistics: Ségolène Desclée. Marthe Boyez, Caroline Trabaud


contact : international@larche.org

In the wings, during the shoot, Benedite Topuz, caught on film the relationships between people with disabilities and their accompaniers/interpreters.

These duos play out distance and proximity depending on whether they are getting to know one another, or have known each other for a long time.

  • Prisca and Concilia from Zimbabwe

  • Peyton and Lisa from United States of America

  • Marie and Wafaa from Syria

  • Olha and Tetiana from Ukraine

  • Pierre and Alberto from Switzerland

  • Stane and Brigita from Slovenia

  • Angeli and Ruth from the Dominican Republic

  • Agnieszka and Alina from Poland

  • Haytham and Hilmi from Palestine

  • Maria Linda and Aurea from Philippines

  • Tadeo and Kizito from Uganda

  • Candice and Tamzin from New Zealand

  • Maria and Aurora from Mexico

  • Terese and Gintaras from Lithuania

  • Yuko and Kaori from Japan

  • Mathenge and Musa from Kenya

  • Peggy and Frances from Ireland

  • Aina and Maria from Italy

  • Armando and Gerson from Honduras

  • Aramuda and Antony from India

  • Ronald and Sandra from Netherlands

  • Lourdes, Marie-Anne and Jocelyne from Haiti

  • Christopher and Josep from Spain

  • Tiffany and Valérie from France

  • Ramon and Amir from Egypt

  • Mathias and Andrien from Ivory Coast

  • Agnieszka and Kim from Canada

  • Cristiano and Ione from Brazil

  • Kouka and Roger from Burkina Faso

  • Claire and Anne from Australia

  • Laetitia and Anna from Belgium

  • Sandra and Maria from Argentina

  • Tuuli and Paul from United Kingdom

  • Christa and Ursula from Germany